Sensitive Teeth? This Is How You Can Solve It

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Having extremely sensitive teeth can be VERY annoying and problematic. However, it’s not so hard to get rid of this problem that’s affecting your life. To the contrary, it’s easier to solve than you think, and you can do it from the comfort of your very own home. Come with us and discover how.

Use Salt + Water:

This simple mix can do wonders for you. In a glass full of warm water add  ½ teaspoon of salt and mix it all. Then you just need to put this mix into your mouth and use it as a kind of mouthwash.

You need to be consistent though. This is what will improve your current condition. Because if you commit the big mistake of trying it for a couple of days and then drop it off, then it will never work for you.

This remedy – like the rest you will find here – go hand-to-hand with proper oral hygiene. This means that any of these remedies are capable of compensating a poor oral hygiene. They are like supplements, they can work very well when the most important pillars are set-up correctly, in this it’s your oral hygiene and diet.

Garlic + Salt + Water:

3You will need 1 garlic clove (properly crushed), some salt and a few drops of water. You need to mix these ingredients in order to form a paste, which will be used to cover your teeth. You should put the paste there and keep it for around 10 minutes.

Then, after you are done, you must watch it with warm water. This remedy will help to restore your enamel and protect your teeth from extreme sensitivity.

The secret here is to practice it every single day without exception. It’s advisable to do it at night, so you don’t have to deal with temporary bad breath, but you can easily solve it by washing your mouth with warm water and some salt.

Garlic is wonderful for teeth with damaged enamel. It will allow them to recover from the damage and come back stronger than ever before.

Eat Less Sugar:

If you want these remedies to work for you, then you need to slow down your intake of sugar. It’s only going to cause even more damage to your enamel, so the progress will be very slow or even null. You have already damaged your teeth, so you must stop it and allow them to recover with the help of a good diet, good oral hygiene and these remedies.

Got it? This is what you have to do if you want to have stronger teeth that won’t make you feel uncomfortable.